A letter of thanks from a Ugandan girl

October 22, 2014

My Bride is in Tanzania with some Save the Mother work so I’ve been Single Daddin’ It for a couple of days which is nothing, really, compared to an American friend who is doing the same for an entire month as his wife is back in The States for some important things there.

So my friend is juggling his, count them – four – kids, on top of his regular routine as an architect and we can only hope he doesn’t accidentally do what I might, that is throw one of the kids in the washing machine or under the lawn mower or some other inconvenient place where we can’t find them.

In either case, my night was short and it’s one of those days – too much to do and not enough time to do it and all that – but this morning I picked up a letter that My Bride left for me before she flew off, a letter written in hand (remember hand-written letters?) from a Ugandan girl named Catherine.

Faithful Reader knows this Ugandan girl, my daughter Liz’s friend, from a previous school open house that Liz and I attended. My Bride and I help with Catherine’s school fees (as does my architect friend and his wife also.)

The other day My Bride and Liz visited again at Catherine’s school, a boarding school (even Uganda’s poorest kids often board at schools), a school that isn’t really around the corner.

The reason I share these few letter excerpts – I’m sure neither Catherine nor My Bride would mind – is that it’s so easy, even in these days just past Thanksgiving, to forget how to say thank you.

So here is how this African girl shows her thanks, how it’s done from the heart.


“Dear Dr. Jean:

I greet you in the almighty name of Jesus Christ.

How is your family?

I have written this letter purposely to thank you for everything you have done for me. I really don’t know how I can thank you but only God knows. Thank you for the things you brought me on Sunday.

I was very, very happy because at that time I had nothing. But thank you very much and may the Almighty God reward you … I don’t know if you never helped me, I don’t know right now where I would be.

But the way I can pay you back is always to pray to God to help me become a lawyer. That is the only thing I am praying so that I can give you something very, very special from the bottom of my heart to your family. And I know nothing is impossible with God …

Now I am counting only four more years to finish secondary school and I then go to university and what I ask from God is to give you and your family life and protection so that you can see me graduating. I ever sit down and ask God what I can do for you …

Right now I have hope that I will go to university and that I will also become a lawyer. But right now what I can give you is to show you my good resolve after working very hard work.

You’re the most kind woman I have ever seen, thank you very much doctor… May the Almighty God give you and your family life and protection. May God bless you.

With love from Catherine

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