“All we are now are memories for our children.”

December 24, 2014

I saw a movie the other day with one of those lines that will last a lifetime — “All we are now are memories for our children.”

And what better memory can any child have than of Christmas morning?

It’s now a few minutes past midnight in Uganda. We’re into Dec. 25 eight hours before the rest of our family and friends back in Canada, and the three children in this family are still up and awake with eyes both wide and sleepy, almost in bed but fighting it with whatever they can muster.

Each has an early gift already opened, wrapping paper strewn on the living room floor, carols playing in the background, Christmas tree lights flickering – all a promise of what will continue when the children awake into a blessed day for us to enjoy each other, a time to say thank you for the gift of togetherness, a time to remember the birth of Christ, God’s gift to humanity.

From each of us in the Froese 5, then, the Daily Dad wishes you all a blessed Christmas Day, and those days after also, that they would be a time filled with meaning, with peace and joy and goodwill to all, a time to even look back on when, like our children, we’ll  have just the memories.

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