And speaking of pot, okay, everyone now … big breath

November 10, 2013

So, speaking of pot (or was that pots we were speaking of last post?), in my family we don’t smoke a lot of pot (or crack cocaine, either). This, you say, is neither a bad thing nor a surprise. But in plenty of places around the world (although not in Africa so much), marijuana has a dapper new respectability.

Here is more from a recent column now in the archives on the other side of this blog, on what people of faith are to make of it all.

Christian Week — October 2013

“The thing about marijuana is that it stinks up the joint and brings images of barefoot hippies and stoner movies and general rebellion, none of which is very attractive to the clean-cut religious crowd. The sorry thief on the cross? A pot smoker no doubt. Probably a dealer.

But the times, they are a changin’.

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Of course, nothing is really new under the sun. And if you want something more, this time from our Yemen years, on another drug of choice, qat, read this one also from the vault on the other side of this blog, from The London Free Press of May 2003

“Out of the country since last fall, it’s been an experience for me to return and see what’s up here these days. Mad cow, West Nile, SARS. It’s all so dizzying.

Good thing pot’s being decriminalized. Everyone now, big breath.

But really, why would Ottawa stop with a few party joints? Grass is OK for a trip around the block. But dudes, if you want a real five-star getaway, go for qat.”

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