Baby Eliana needs your help

December 11, 2014

Baby Eliana - Nov. 10 pic

The Daily Dad would like to introduce to you Baby Eliana, a Ugandan miracle baby, surviving her birth at just 25 weeks. Born in Kampala, Uganda on  Oct. 21, 2014, at just 600 grams, she was so small she could fit in the palm of your hand.

This kind of premature birth, at least 10 weeks early, is normally a death sentence in Africa where emergency medical equipment is limited and expensive. As she continues to survive now, her family — mother Joan Babalanda and father Wanyama Wangah — needs your help to cover the medical costs.

The private International Hospital Kampala put Baby Eliana on life support and, for weeks, gave her all the needed emergency treatment at its disposal in its Intensive Care Unit. Complications included intestinal obstruction and the little girl had to have surgery for this at just three weeks of age.

The surgery also had complications, but Baby Eliana fought through this and the resulting wound is now closing. She was also on a ventilator since her birth, but as of Dec. 7, 2014, she is breathing on her own.

It is nothing short of divine grace that Baby Eliana is alive. The family is grateful. But now it has an unmanageable hospital bill of at least $26,000.

There is no health insurance or universal health care in Uganda to help, and the average income of a middle class family, such as Baby Eliana’s family, is $1,000 / month.

This Ugandan family now needs your help to cover this bill, and your donation would go to directly cover these medical costs.

Thank you for any help you can offer by giving to the Baby Eliana campaign, here, via Indiegogo.

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