December 12, 2012

The thing about being a kid is that everything is so big, often bigger than in real life. Your home and neighbourhood, the bully at school, your parents …

Everything but your younger sister, that is.

It came up yesterday when I carried Jon on my shoulders along a dirt road here in Uganda.

Am I up ten feet? Jon asked.

Well, you’re up pretty high, about seven feet, I said.

Daddy, I’m actually four feet tall now. Did you know that? I’m four feet now.

That’s really good, Jon, I said.

I’m taller than Hannah, Jon then added, referring to his sister who is six months younger but virtually his exact height, if not a hair taller.

Well, I said, you and Hannah are about the same height. Pretty close.

No, he said. I’m way taller. You know why she seems so tall? It’s her hair. It’s so poofy. That’s why she seems to be so tall, Daddy.

Oh, I see.

Yeah, Dad. Hannah is actually only about two feet, nine inches.

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December 12, 2012 • Posted in
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