Captain Underpants and three pretty ladies

January 24, 2014

Me: “Good morning Captain Underpants!”

Kid 1: “Morning Dad.”



Me: “Hey Little Lady!”

Kid 2: “Hi Dad.”

Neck snuggle.


Me: “Good morning Pretty Girl!”

Kid 3: “Uhhh.”

Kiss (attempt).


Me: “Babe, you’re such a better surgeon that I am. Any way you could fix my watch band with some Crazy Glue?”

(Show wife broken watch band.)

Babe: “I think duct tape is better.”

Me: “What?! Duct tape??”

Babe: “Really.”

Get in truck with kids for school run. Look at sky getting light. Start truck. Open truck window. Kiss Babe through open window.

Me: “You know you should have married Red Green.”

Babe: “You’re much more interesting.”

Aw shucks. What did I ever do to deserve such mornings? And in the tropics.


Today’s  bonus: “Resentment is like drinking poison and hoping it will kill your enemies.” Nelson Mandela

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