The ice house

December 17, 2012

I dreamed we had a series of skating rinks in our house.

We can’t do that, my Bride said when I told her about it.

I was skating round and round without a shirt on, I told her.

For sure, our kids would also appreciate skating rinks in the house.

Deprived of skating most of year while in Africa, they greatly enjoy our trips to a local rink in Hamilton that keeps its ice in summers while we’re home.

Have you ever seen an African girl in a hockey helmet? This is Hannah.

Despite these limited summer ice times, all three kids are up and sturdy on their pegs.

Like many Canadians, we’ve sort of fallen into this national recreation. It has chosen us as much as we’ve chosen it. This is what happens when one lives in a broader culture.

Other national families have their own pastimes and leisure and amusements, things that they dream that they can fill their homes with.

For the Americans, it’s guns.

From a beautifully-wooded and now bloodied place in Connecticut, we’ve just been reminded of this – again.

Pray for the Americans.

God help their children. God help them all.

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