Jon’s premarital woes continue

January 11, 2013

So, they’re still at it, still after my son and asking for his hand in marriage – Agnes and Rainer – the two seven-year-old school girls who are flat out and deep into it, unable to control themselves because Jon, apparently, has everything that it takes.

Faithful Reader will recall that the two girls both proposed to Jon in my presence not so long ago.

Yesterday, Jon tells me, a couple of teachers had to come to his rescue.

‘Boy are you in trouble now,’ he said when the teachers came and sent the two pursuers to, of all places, the library where they were supposedly to read their lovesickness away.

But shortly later, they were at it again (and I should note that in this African culture it’s not uncommon for one man to have a wife … and then a second one, or maybe a concubine on the side.)

As it went, Jon was only able escape yesterday’s second incident after he navigated a jungle gym, specifically a certain tricky ladder, much more deftly than his pursuing lovers.

This morning, for Show & Tell, he brought a jambia to school. It was on our living room wall, this small j-like sword that hang as decoration between two other swords that are displayed as a reminder of our years in Yemen.

Even in Yemen, nobody actually uses a jambia. The Yemeni guys wear one all the time, but they’re just tucked into a belt around their robes for a sign of virility more than anything.

But, you know, there have been these issues with these girls … and Jon has felt frustrated. And he did insist very strongly on bringing the jambia to school this morning. I mean, you know … I’m just telling you what’s happened to this point …

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