Liz’s award-winning story

February 8, 2013

As noted yesterday at this is Liz’s award-winning story in its entirety.

Mr. Carrot’s Exciting Day

Mr. Carrot was walking to work, anxious to hear his first assignment from his new boss. “It’s my first day of work,” hummed Mr. Carrot. “Almost there,” he whispered to himself, as he took a deep breath.

When he got to his new job, the Veggie News, he entered the large brick building and asked for his new boss, Mr. Boss Squash. “Please follow me,” said the receptionist.

Finally they were at Mr. Boss Squash’s office. “Here we are,” she said, then left the carrot in front of the large oak office door. Mr. Carrot was worried but he managed to muster up the courage, and he walked in.

It took one second for Mr. Carrot to find his boss. Mr. Boss Squash’s office was as big as a soccer field, and the boss himself was as big as an elephant. He was the biggest, most yellow squash in the whole of Veggie Town.

There was a long pause of silence until Mr. Carrot broke the quiet. “Goood mmmorning boooss”. The squash was silent. A moment later, the squash said “Good morning to you too. I would like to introduce myself. My name is Mr. Boss Squash. And yours?” said he as he waited for an answer.

“My name is Mr. Carrot,” said Mr. Carrot, just being able to catch his breath. He had never thought his boss would be so big. The moment he saw that squash, he felt like he was going to faint, although he didn’t because that is not what a grown carrot would do.

“Well, we might as well start talking,” said the squash. “You know, you work for a newspaper and you have an assignment. So, dear reporter, this is what it is,” he continued. “Your assignment is to get news,” he added.

“What do you mean get news?” asked Mr. Carrot.

“Well, any kind of interesting news. Do you ever read the newspaper?” Squash asked. “Well of course I do” replied Mr. Carrot, getting over his fear of his boss.

“And is the news boring?” asked squash.

“Just a bit” answered the carrot.

“Exactly!” shouted Squash. “We need something interesting.”

“I understand. I shall try my best,” Carrot said. “But how shall I do it?” he added.

“Go and ask many veggies like the eggplants about what is happening in their community. You shall do it tomorrow.”

Mr. Carrot left for home thinking about the following day. He was very excited.

He had a great first day at work!

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