My dad the single dad

November 24, 2012

My wife is back in two days. Yeah. Thanks for reading during the last couple of weeks.

I did hire pollsters to query my many, many, many, many readers, and found that 2.39 (with a .00000000623 per cent margin of error) of you want me to continue. With this sort of overwhelming support, I do feel very obliged to either run for U.S. president or continue writing in some form.

Maybe I’ll move it to a Daddin’ It Blog sometime, but for now just keep going on FB. So if you don’t want to see me around here anymore, if I’ve been boring you to tears, then Unfriend me and get all your other Friends to unfriend me … and then I’ll have about the same number of Friends left as I have in real life anyway.

More so, 2day I’d like to point out that my own dad did the Single Daddin’ It thing for many years. Not without help of course. But that really was something. So I’d like to acknowledge that … and say what any father hopes their kid might someday say … ‘Thanks Dad.’ (And how did you do it?)

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