My son’s underwear are for the supermarket tabloids

February 27, 2013

Sometimes I’m asked, ‘Hey, Daily Dad, where do you get your incredibly fantastic ideas from?’

I say, ‘Well, the best ideas, the ones that will put me on the front of the supermarket tabloids, find me.’

Take right now. I’m having lunch and the tunes here include Chicago. I mean Chicago, the band, right in the middle of Africa.

I used to listen to Chicago when I was in college so much that the girl who I thought I’d marry dumped me before our first date. This reminded me that I eventually married somebody else, which reminded that I have children, which reminded me that my wife and I both insist that our children wear clean underwear.

I’m especially in charge of Jon’s underwear.

The next thing you know, this impressive idea of Jon’s underwear has come to mind.

Also, there are those concurrent streams. For example, Jon recently talked again of those girls from school who are chasing him. This reminded me that they could chase him into traffic, and that if he were ever hit by a car that it’s best that his underwear are clean while in hospital.

More so, at morning coffee at the kids’ school today I mentioned Jon’s infected toe, which, thankfully, is now better. This led to talk about my many bouts with malaria which led to discussion about the Mango fly, a beastly African fly that lays eggs on your damp laundry.

If you don’t iron your clothes, the eggs can move under your skin and grow larvae in a big pouch that contains a noodle-like worm. You then put Vaseline over the little hole in your skin that the worm breathes through. When it pokes its head out, you then grab it and pull it out to its death.

This, all new to me, reminded me that while most of our laundry is ironed good and hot, our family’s underwear, including Jon’s, is not. And this might cause even bigger problems than an infected toe.

So, you see how it all happens? How Jon’s underwear and other fantastic ideas can come from nowhere and everywhere all at once?

When this happens, I have to say, it’s really quite breathtaking for me. The blog pretty well writes itself. I just have to get the spelling right.

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