My wife, the movie star

November 22, 2012

Thinking about my wife, who we all know is a babe. I’ve always appreciated this, along with other things, namely her heart. You also likely know that my wife is really, really famous.

The Globe’s front page, Maclean’s feature, Global TV’s 16×9, Teasdale-Corti Award, G8 Summit speaker, advisor to the PM … these sorts of things. I used to say they’re going to make a movie of her someday. Now they’ve started already with a couple of documentaries.

One, you may have heard, was aired on CTS on Saturday, interestingly enough, right when Jean was hosting STM’s annual dinner-auction. In what was called Made in Canada Jean was featured along with Cindy Klassen, Canada’s most decorated Olympian, and Measha Brueggergrosman, world famous soprano and Canada’s Got Talent Judge. Wow. (See )

There’s another documentary coming out sometime, but I’m not sure when – can’t keep all this straight.

Both shoots unfolded this past summer, and all I remember is big cameras and clunky lights everywhere in our little condo in Hamilton – in the living room, at the dinner table, on the back porch, then later at the Hamilton hockey rink where I take the kids skating on summer weekends.

The kids had a few good things to say. And I kept making that point that I’m pretty famous myself.

So I slid, just gently, in front of the camera a few times to tell my own story, how I was raised in the deep forest by white wolves before the military came in on orders from some pretty big people to get me out and give me a new life using my unique skills in international operations that are too covert for me to share on something as shaky as the internet.

(These skills, I may add, also help me immensely when Single Daddin’ It.)

The crew smiled politely, but I could tell that they didn’t want to hear much of it. Instead, when Jean and I and the kids sat down to eat, someone just asked me to pray. Or maybe they didn’t ask me. I honestly can’t remember some details all that well.

Just pass the potatoes.

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