Royal Wedding excerpts, full story

February 15, 2013

Due to the huge readership (Mom, Dad – God bless both of you) of yesterday’s special Valentines’ post …  …  following are a few excerpts from the noted Royal Wedding news story that announced when My Bride and I were engaged.

“To be announced is a July 29 wedding, ending speculation that has swirled around the royal pair in recent months. It heightened when they were photographed together swimming in the Red Sea, off the coast of Yemen, three weeks ago …

“… At almost a foot shorter than the prince, the attractive brunette was named by the medical journal Babes Today in 2000 as one of the 10 prettiest doctors ever. She is known to have boundless energy and a pleasant nature with people of all lots …

“… The imperial motto of the Chamberlains, the royal house of the princess, is ‘spec et fi des’ or ‘faith and hope.’ Prince Thomas was reportedly quite inspired when he learned of this.”

“After their marriage, the prince and princess will likely ride away on Schatzy, the royal horse Prince Thomas gave his fiancé for Christmas. Schatz, or “Treasure” is also a pet name the young sweethearts are fond of calling each other.”

The photos and international news story, which was written by Oswald J. Smith Chambers in London and Martin Luther von Goethe in Berlin, can be seen in full here … Royal Wedding

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