(Sixteen years ago today) she said ‘Yes!’

February 14, 2017

MUKONO, UGANDA ✦ Sixteen years ago today, The Children’s Mother and I got engaged. Of course, at the time she was not The Children’s Mother. She was My Babe. I thought the world should know of the good news, so I blasted it all on the front page of the paper I worked for at the time. “Do you mind,?” I asked the publisher. I knew he couldn’t say no. “All I’d like to do is use a few press plates, for front and back page, and have the help of the pressmen and, oh yeah, the press itself, and some time and … ““Yes, yes,” said the boss.

So it was settled. I would became the first reporter in the history of that newspaper to announce his engagement BEFORE I had actually popped the question. (Hey, these things take planning. And time. Weeks!)
So on that Feb. 14 I had 100 copies of this special run printed off the rumbling presses, before I strategically located them throughout town, that is one town north.This where it unfolded that Valentine’s Day for My Babe, who was only in-country for a short time.When she and I walked into a stage play for the evening, there were a bunch of actors reading said paper. Perfectly choreographed actors. Just when My Babe and I walked in. What a co-incidence.

This was after the engagement was announced in that town, on the radio, for tens of thousands.

This was after the Town Crier came in the very fine restaurant with the … ring. Which is when the actual question was asked of my Babe. (By me, not the Town Crier.)

Oh, grand fun.

And yes, I am glad My Babe said Yes! I was thankful then.  (It would have left a fine embarrassing mess if she didn’t say ‘Yes.’)

Sixteen years later, I’m no less thankful.

If you want to know more, here’s the fuller look back to Feb. 14, 2001.

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