For God so loved the world

December 20, 2012

(Cont’d from yesterday) … So after spending the night at the precinct, the girls’ families were found and informed of their mischief.

We thought this was more or less the end of it, until the one, Gloria, the little Ugandan girl who had previously just about tripped while running away with the stolen clothing falling from her, returned to our house with sad eyes and a handwritten note of apology.

Then, to let her know all was forgiven, we thought we would go and meet her family. So we did. And, just off of campus, we found a little mud and tin home, one room for everyone, which included her toothless grandmother and lots of siblings, but no mom or dad, likely dead of AIDS or malaria or some other dreadful thing.

In the dirty and rag-filled pile of belongings, little Liz and Jon also noticed a swimsuit – it was Liz’s – and some other things of ours.

But the joy of it all, and there is joy, is that somehow Gloria and Liz have stayed the best of friends ever since.

They started to attend Sunday school together at the little chapel here on campus. And Gloria is a regular around our home. Has been for a few years now.

We’ve eaten together. We’ve played together. We’ve laughed together.

At the moment, she and Liz are in Liz’s bedroom singing … For God so loved the world …

They’re getting ready for a special family presentation.

(Continued tomorrow)

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