Too young to marry

November 30, 2012

Several girls appear to be flat out in love with my son. They’re in his class. He’s 7.

Two have proposed. The third has asked him if he’s ever kissed a girl on the lips.

This unfolded when Jon was class VIP the other day. He was in front, in his VIP chair, answering questions one would expect – you know, he likes carrots and dolphins and the colour green.

I was present, listening, along with Sam the rabbit (who Jon brought from home for his VIP Day). Then two little hands shot up and the girls asked, one at a time, Will you marry me?

Jon pointed to one at a time, then said, Uhhhh … no and no.

The third girl, who asked him about the lip kissing, is named Scout. This tells us something.

Sam and I just looked at each other in disbelief.

On the way home, Jon lamented the difficult situation that he now finds himself in. I don’t know why everyone in my class loves me so much, he said.

This is where the parenting manuals don’t help.

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