What, you have no legs? Have a great Thanksgiving anyway.

October 13, 2014

The Pilgrims landed on the shores of North America, not Africa, which is one reason we’re having chicken and lasagna for our Thanksgiving dinner in Uganda this evening.

No, there is no Thanksgiving in this country, except for Canadian expatriates who make due with what happens to be available. In this case, regardless of what the celebration may be, the only turkey to be found here is the live kind.

You can actually buy such a fella — not long ago an enterprising Ugandan did come by the house to try to sell us one — but even if you manage to get its head off and innards out, they don’t cook so tasty.

We’ve tried.

So, a couple of Canadians, Save the Mothers’ two interns, will join us for our own bounty and time of thanks.

And, with some overseas phone calls to loved ones, all is well.


We watched this other day. Three times. Can’t think of a something better to share for Thanksgiving.

If you’ve never heard of the story of Jennifer Bricker — who seemed to have everything against her — you’ll enjoy. Her parents abandoned her, she had no legs … but that’s just half of this out-of-this world story.

So the next time the kids say they can’t help with such and such, and you say, “What, have you no legs?” it will have an entirely new meaning.

And even if the kids have somehow lost their legs, you can still say, “So what!”

Thanks Jennifer.


And Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian friends and family  back home.

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