Driving free as a bird

November 14, 2012

Day 5 of Single Daddin’ It did not start well. I am so mad. I have a meeting at the university, so the kids got a ride to school. Was set up ages ago. I sent two friends with them. Plus the driver. Three adults for three kids for a 45 minute drive in a van. And back. What could go wrong?

How about seatbelts? One of my friends is not strapped in. And my boy is also free as a bird. He told me he would fly through the centre opening, right through the windshield. He was quite excited about it and demonstrated like Superman.

I am so unhappy I told the driver, a Ugandan who kept apologizing for the crappy set-up in his new vehicle. In Canada, I said, the police wouldn’t allow this. I am so mad. This is so African.

Also, the cat is gone again.

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