My wife, the movie star – Part II

February 18, 2013

Faithful Reader will recall that My Bride is a movie star.

You can read all about that here at

At that time, I mentioned the clunky lights and big cameras and probing questions that were brought into our Canadian home one summer day, all so that I could also talk about my own story: how I was raised by white wolves in the deep forest before being rescued for a life of covert international operations.

In the end, the producers didn’t air much this particular angle of our family life, I suspect for security reasons. But they did air the rest of the story of my wife and the kids and what exactly we’re doing in Africa, and with some amount of detail.

The docu-drama covers My Bride’s background and the birth of Save the Mothers International, and then our personal story — how My Bride and I met, how Hannah, our adopted child came into the family picture, and pretty well everything else that isn’t super sensitive in terms of that secret work of mine that shouldn’t really be talked about.

It was all aired last November on Canada’s national television station, CTS, as part of a larger docu-drama called Made in Canada, part of CTS’s Heart and Soul series.

Featured in the same episode as My Bride was opera diva Measha Brueggergosman and Olympic medalist Cindy Klassen.

Since then, plenty of you have asked me, ‘Hey Daily Dad — when will your family’s fascinating story run again? When can I see it? I missed it the first time around.’

Well, the good news is that our partiuclar segment, a startling production of just over 11 minutes, is now online. You can find it here

I should warn you that you may find some subliminal messages that deal with … you know.  I’m just saying, be careful with who you talk to later on.



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