Running on African time

November 9, 2012

So, this past week, we went to Jinja. Jean and myself and Hannah. We’ve fostered her for over three years and, with court approval, will now adopt.

Had a 2:30 pm app’t at court. So we put Hannah’s best dress on her. I even wore a tie. We drove over an hour. Had a pizzeria lunch. Went to the court. Met the lawyer. Took a call from the social worker, who was almost there.

At which time we were told the judge was not there. He had left four hours earlier. Just didn’t bother to tell anyone.

This is known as a TIA experience. TIA, for those of you who didn’t see Blood Diamonds, means This Is Africa.

I think someone should write a song about it. TIA. TIA. Oh baby, baby, TIA.

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