Home alone … with the kids

November 8, 2012

BTW, it’s Day 2 of 14 of Single Daddin’ It while Jean is Canada for the annual STM auction. Tonight it was Ice Age 4 and potato chips with the kids. Don’t want to know what this will all descend to by the end of my allotted time. Advice anyone?

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November 8, 2012 • Posted in
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2 thoughts on “Home alone … with the kids”

  1. Hi Tom,

    Just found your blog and so appreciated reading it. I even read it out loud for Chris and we had some great laughs over your daddin’ it blogs. Thanks for sharing. I assume that you folks are still here in Canada? We just said goodbye to Dorothy Reid last weekend who headed back to Romania. We are still life long friends.

    thanks again for making me smile on a rainy August day,
    Diane Tyler(Friend of Dorothy Reid and married to Christopher Tyler-who is Gord and Lynne Tyler/nephew of Maybeth Henderson-just in case you can’t place me in your world of friends )

  2. Hi Diane and thanks for the note. So good to hear from you. Jon and I were in Elgin County earlier this summer one day and ended up having lunch at Dan Reid’s with pretty well everyone there, Dorothy included. Last time I did that, with my daughter at the time, was 10 years earlier. Glad you enjoy the blog. Do keep in touch.

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