End of summer, back to school, time for JFKs

So, my children, like children everywhere, are about to return to school.

This brings some uncertainties. It’s my children’s first-ever September back-to-school in Canada.

More so, I’ll need to work at having more JFKs again.

Before I explain what a JFK is, let me say that in

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Back-to-school time — in Uganda

We’re in the air again, my family and me and today’s newspaper.

This time it’s the Daily Telegraph, dominated on Page 14 by a large ad for the latest iPad. Beside it, a smaller story on how one in four U.K. teachers wouldn’t send their own kids to the schools they teach in. And below, a brief about a Pediatrics Journal study that shows obese youth don’t think so well.

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New hope not to become a moron

SANTA FE, N.M. I’m in America’s oldest state capital, in Café Olé, with a sandwich and drink and new hope to never become a moron.

Here for some postgrad studies, I’m also enjoying a recent copy of America’s satirical news tabloid, The Onion.

“Nation’s Morons March on Washington State,” is its banner headline. Thousands of morons, the Onion reports, recently marched in Washington State thinking they were actually in Washington, D.C.

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