The upside of the “Get Married” mantra

Here’s something for young people. Who you marry will have a larger impact on your life than your career. I’m reading about it in The New York Times and The Atlantic. There’s a new wave of research. Marry and be happy. This is what it says. It’s interesting because it’s easy to assume

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Happiness is right here

The funny thing is that it’s some of the ridiculously cold countries – the freeze the snot on your nose northern nations – that are the happiest. This is what they say. You know. “They.” I just read a report on it. I don’t know. I prefer the beach, myself. Child Number 2, the laughing boy, told me the other morning about a beach in Mexico. “I want to go there,” he said.

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The Lord is my Shepherd. So why do I want a Porsche?

Liz is now tall enough to legally sit in the front seat when Daddy drives. Oh no. Today, it’s the front seat; tomorrow it’s a new car. What you might find more interesting is that young professionals in, of all places, Africa have some entitlement issues of their own. Here’s a recent commentary on it. PDF Version (Christian Week –

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