Iraq War

Cradle-to-grave without free choice

(The Hamilton Spectator – Saturday, January 24, 2015)

KAMPALA, UGANDA ✦ He goes by a false name so he’s not found and killed. I just met him. I’ll call him Ahmed in this, his story. He recently shared it around our dinner table.

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Learning Arabic 101

Iraq. Can it be saved? Six months after its liberation, Iraqis are still short on power, electrical and otherwise. The Yanks are still being greeted with grenades as much as with flowers and hugs. And how did those weapons of mass destruction disappear?

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Who will play the movie’s wacky Iraqi?

Telling Lies in Iraq is my choice for the name of the flick we can only hope will be made about former Iraqi minister of misinformation Mohammed Saeed Sahaf. If it’s anything like a satirical Web site on this new cult figure, a site that once had an incredible 4,000 hits per minute, this movie will be stunning.

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Where does God sit in times of war?

Jean and I are packing to return to Hamilton to deliver our first child. And at the top of my to-do-in-Hamilton list, besides “get diapers for the bambino,” is watch a big, fat movie. There’s a single theatre here in Sana’a, a town of one million, but considering it’s infested with rats or something similarly revolting, I’ve avoided it.

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‘Jihad of soul’ arrived in Middle East long ago

Trying to galvanize sagging troops, one of Saddam Hussein’s last public pronouncements was recently to formally call for Muslims everywhere to join his ranks and fight Islamic jihad, or holy war. Should we care?

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