How chummy sleepovers can go awry

It was all set, I was told. Chris had invited me over for the night. Which was fine, because Chris was a cool dude, a buddy with a sort of bowl-cut who lived just down the hill, and, after that, just up the hill. We loved to play hockey together, so much that once I …

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Better to name your kids Ping and Pong

Your child’s name, of course, is very important and I’d suggest that Zeus or Apollo are fine choices for any boy, and Jezebel is not a bad option for the girls. If you have twins, you should also consider names that are complementary. Something like Ping and Pong, for example, could work quite well and give …

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A daughter of the world

(The Hamilton Spectator – Friday, June 20, 2003)

Nobody knew. Prior to the birth of our first child, two weeks ago today at St. Joseph’s Hospital here in Hamilton, Jean and I kept her name, Elizabeth top-secret from absolutely everyone.

“It’s from the Bible and it’s not Dorcas,” is all I would reveal, before adding, “If and when we have a boy, we have a biblical name for him too. And it’s not Nimrod.”

So imagine the confirmation we felt when, prior to our return to Canada for the delivery, some western friends in Yemen said good-bye to us by reading the biblical story of Elizabeth.

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