Sewickley PA

We’re back

We’re back in Africa (with the cats and dog and everyone else). So is this blog. They, the Ugandans, always call it a holiday. “So how was your holiday?” they’ll ask. It gets too complicated to explain in any great detail that we actually aren’t really holidaying during our annual stretch in Canada, not in […]

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Love and courage in a well-lit café

It’s USA Today and a story about Muhammad Ali here at Café Amis, an American-French café on a cobblestone street in Sewickley, PA. It’s a cool spot on a warm Saturday near Pittsburgh, a small place with large windows not far from Sewickley’s historic library where books on Ali are also given some noticeable placement.

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A porch (or two) with a view

We’re on a front porch in Sewickley, PA, an idyllic place of mature trees and century homes, a town as similar to Dundas, Ontario as you might imagine, here on the edge of Pittsburgh, a city you’d also be forgiven for confusing with Hamilton. Both have that rugged steel history around a fine waterfront and remarkable

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