The cat and his girlfriend – ‘We need our space.’

March 11, 2013

Jon: Where’s the cat?

Me: I don’t know. He’s on one of his long absences.

Jon: At his girlfriend’s?

Me: Probably

Jon: Why doesn’t his girlfriend ever come here?

Enough said.


The rabbits, meanwhile, have deliverd seven. Liz sold one to her friend at school; another is being taken by a colleague of My Bride’s; three we’ll keep; that leaves two others to go to other homes.

Joseph, a young Ugandan rabbit expert of sorts, is earning a few extra shillings with it all.

(And the cat, remember, has that jelousy streak. He seemed just a little too happy when the previous batch of little bunnies died; didn’t show up at the funeral we had out by the water tank in back. Someone accused him of having white rabbit fur around his chops … it wasn’t hard evidence, though.)

Regardless … Jon is now pushing for chickens.

We really need a farm.

I suppose that would give the cat and his girlfriend enough space too.



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