Blowing up our playboy cat

November 11, 2012

Today’s question in my Diary of Single Daddin’ It relates to the cat. He’s Candy. He recently disappeared for six days. Went to his girlfriend’s or whatever.

I thought of yet another cat funeral. We’ve had such in the past, with music and eulogies and real tears and all.

On Day 2 of Single Daddin’ It, I prayed with the kids. The next morning, Candy was back. My cache as Single Dad increased significantly. (To be fair to Jean, she also prayed from Canada, and her familial line is much less affectionate to cats.)

Here’s the question. Liz, in her 9-year-old wisdom, has asked that we now cage Candy so nobody steals him on us. Looks like wherever he goes, he’s taken care of — well-fed and too happy for his own good.

(We live on a 90 acre university campus, with a fair number of residents).

I see three options: 1) put the cat in the cage with the new rabbits; 2) Tape a note on his forehead saying that if he eats any food that’s not from his own dish, he will self-destruct and take half the campus with him 3) Devise an inflatable replica of Candy, so if he ever disappears for good the kids will still have something to pet and play with.

Sincere advice on these or other options is welcomed.

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