The end is nigh – isn’t it Daddy?

November 12, 2012

So, before tonight’s bedroom reading was finished, the kids asked me a pretty easy one, you know that question about the end of the world and when is it coming and will we (they) be around to see all the fireworks.

Jon said he wanted to see Jesus come back in all his flaming glory, Liz said no, she knew there would a lot bad stuff going down around that time, and Hannah just wanted to hear Daddy’s answer.

I didn’t tell them how inconvenient the end of the world would be for a lot of people — for one, the markets would likely react very unfavourably — but I just said well, any one of us could get hit by a milk truck tomorrow, in which case that would be the end of the world for that person.

I don’t know how well that that went over — kids are pretty astute these days. I think they realize that milk trucks, at least the local delivery trucks, are a thing of the past.

But Jon and Hannah seemed to accept my answer before rolling over and thinking about what’s next in their never-ending joyride with Daddy.

Liz, on the hand, is reading in bed. I think she’s looking for more information on it all.

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