Why My Bride lights up the room. Congratulations to her.

September 16, 2013

When the Light of the World talked about light, he made the plain observation that it’s not something to hide. No, we strike a match and light a lamp and put it high so that we don’t bump into the furniture.

Of course, in Uganda, when the power goes out after dark, this can be rather important. Get the light quick so we can see what’s happening.

Likewise, every community has its lights, people who make the room brighten up, the ones who, when they walk in, bring a fragrance, a gentle anticipation, a sense that the world, for all its darkness, also has certain souls who help the rest of us see things better.

My Bride is one of them. And the City of Hamilton, the beautiful and vibrant city on Lake Ontario that we call home for part of the year, has now recognized this.

Yes, it has just been announced that My Bride is named to the 2013 Hamilton Gallery of Distinction

Congratulations to her.

This is a high honour. In a city of half-a-million people, only a half-dozen or so are recognized every year. And some of those souls may be honored posthumously, covering Hamilton’s 200-year history.

Some recipients are honored for their help in building Hamilton into what it is today. Others, like My Bride, for bringing Hamilton a good name from their distinguished service elsewhere, in this case Africa, for her leadership in founding and directing Save the Mothers.

My Bride is saint-like in her response. ‘It’s the women who die and suffer just because of where they happen to be born who are the distinguished ones.’

This, because she knows that whatever light she has is part of that larger Light.

Let your light shine before others, is what that larger Light of the World said. Not just so that they may see your good deeds. But so that they may see them and then give glory to your Father in heaven.

This is what has always driven My Bride. From the day we met. And from long before. And this, she will tell you, is award enough for her.

But when these other honours come along, it’s something so very worthwhile as well. For all of us.

The awards gala is in November, a time when, as it happens, My Bride is back in Canada for her annual Save the Mothers fundraiser and other speaking.

You can learn more about Hamilton’s Gallery of Distinction here.

And you can congratulate My Bride on her most recent honour here.

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1 thought on “Why My Bride lights up the room. Congratulations to her.”

  1. Hi Thom
    I just sent an email to Jean congratulating her. I also cried when I read your tribute. It is the LIGHT of Jesus that shines in her. I mentioned to her that our dear friends Doug and June Barber will be at the awards. They also shine the light of Jesus and have been our friends and mentors for over 30 years at St Cuthbert’s Pres chruch where we were involved for over 25 years. So I asked her to be sure to introduce herself to them.

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