You’re sleeping with your phone?

March 4, 2013

So, apparently 90 per cent of 18-29-year-olds sleep with their smartphones.

This, one more reason why having a phone with a low IQ isn’t the worse thing.

And one more reason why it’s not a great idea to get a kid a phone. Being active in bed too young has its consequences. One is you go crazy.

My own phone is as old as two of my children. That’s seven years. Got it while in transit through Dubai.

Sure, it’s no longer the smartest phone on the block, but it has a pleasant ring and can work on both sides of the ocean. It gets the job done. And it’s not a distraction.

Over here, by the way, in Africa, it’s all pay-as-you-go. And you only get charged when making a call, not receiving. This is why plenty of Africans, and even Africans of moderate means, have a mobile.

They’ll phone you and then hang up. That’s the signal for you to phone back. And pay.

In either case, I’ve always considered technology a bit like a mud pit, one you need to sort of ooze into slowly. So one more advantage of living in Africa is that you can hold the kids back a little longer.

And you can work through the disappointments a little easier, disappointments like that Christmas present, that Ipod that, in fact, doesn’t work. Sorry Liz.

Oh, you don’t even miss it?

That’s my girl.

Have a good sleep Sweets.

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1 thought on “You’re sleeping with your phone?”

  1. My four-year-old and his three-year-old buddy walk about with their pretend cell phones plastered to their ears, having all sorts of conversations. But will they get a real phone before they can pay for it themselves (aka “when they move out”)? Not likely! 🙂 Great post Thom…I’m enjoying the others as well. Nice to find you here in the blogosphere.

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