Hey Little Jeannie. You’ve got so much love. (And I’m a better man for it.)

March 27, 2014

The truth is that if it wasn’t for My Bride, I’d be living on some deserted island hunting wild boar and eating coconuts and running around a fire as crazy as the Mad Hatter.

But she rescued me from that life some time ago and brought me to Yemen. (YEMEN! of all places.)

And now, as you know, for some time we’ve all lived in Uganda, another popular tourist destination for Canadians coast to coast.

You may wonder how and why this all unfolded, and this is a fair question and when I fully understand the answer I will let you know.

In the meantime, I can tell you that today is My Bride’s birthday.

I know this to be true because while the kids were still eating their breakfast (it’s amazing what kids can do with their eyes closed) Jean and I danced slowly to this song, Little Jeannie, the song about that Jeannie who has so much love.

And my wife does have this. She has much love. And she shows it. And I suppose this is why I’m sitting here in Uganda in my shorts and bare feet writing this.

My wife loves people. She loves vulnerable mothers and children in particular. So much that she went to them even when they were in difficult places on the other side of the world.

Much has been published and broadcast about this, about Jean’s founding of Save the Mothers. Too much to share.

But I will draw your attention to this brief video, part of CTS’s absolutely fantastic Made In Canada series. Take a minute to see this clip here on Jean and the kids and some dude who sort of looks and sounds like Dad, who even claims to be Dad, some sort of Dad doppelganger.

(I honestly don’t know the fellow is, the guy they brought in for the family taping.)

In either case, I can’t think of a better birthday gift that My Bride would appreciate than knowing people were learning more about the plight of so many women who die during something as noble as bringing new life to the world.

The Agenda with Steve Paikin also recently shared Jean’s story with viewers across Ontario. Steve interviewed her right around the time she was honored in Hamilton for this. If you want to learn more about maternal health issues, and see Jean in one of her more stunningly beautiful interviews, take a few minutes to watch this show with Steve.

Since you were going to ask, My Bride is also featured in this Weekend Reader feature, in the Hamilton Spectator, which, as you know, is the finest publication I’ve ever seen. (Ever.)

(Especially for taking such a hot photo of my wife, let alone publishing another one of the kids in their swimsuits.)

And finally, if you just want to wish Jean a happy birthday, you can do so here. Tell her that I sent you.

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10 thoughts on “Hey Little Jeannie. You’ve got so much love. (And I’m a better man for it.)”

  1. Happy Birthday and many happy returns! I still remember your compassion and love to Yemeni women seeking care during difficult times. Your humbleness and generosity has remained with many in Yemen and definitely in Uganda and elsewhere.

    May you always be blessed with love and good health.


  2. My friend, Walid. Long time. It would be a great thing to see you again sometime. Yes, let’s keep in touch on it. Enjoy your time in Canada. You’ve arrived at a good time, at the end of a very hard winter for many Canadians. Be blessed.

  3. Hey guys, and thanks for the reminder of Jean’s actual birthday, Thom!

    Jean, my friend, though our contact is minimal, I think of and pray for you so regularly, and follow what’s going on in your lives with great interest. May today be a wonderful birthday for you, and the coming year a blessed one filled with joy.

    Happy Birthday!!


  4. Hey Jean, happy birthday, we have a lot in common, my birthday is March 24 and I worked in Uganda too-I follow your family’s blog with special interest!
    I worked for two years at Kiwoko Hospital and returned there this year, with my husband and two children, just after New Year’s, to show them where I lived and worked. We had a wonderful time and were even in Jinja (we ate at the 2 Friends). I hope your work continues to be a blessing to both you and the women you serve!

  5. Joanne & Jerry Potma

    Dear Jean,

    Happy Birthday Jean!!! I think your wonderful family will make sure your special day is filled with fun and blessings. Thanks for all the great pictures.

    Jerry and Joanne

  6. Thanks Denise. Good to know of another Hamiltonian who knows Uganda. A special treat, for sure, for your husband and children to see where you were. I’ve forwarded your greetings onto Jean who will also get back to you. Best to you.

  7. Dear Dr. Jean.

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, and may God bless you as you serve Him so faithfully.
    Appreciated being able to listen to the interview, greetings to your loved ones.

  8. She was my doctor one of the times when I was rushed to the hospital this past summer…..she was great! 🙂 What an amazing person she is fort the work she does and for caring so much! Hope you all had a wonderful day of celebration!

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