Last night

September 1, 2014

It was the last night in my Canadian home.

The day, a busy one, the end of a stretching week, was spent keeping some semblance of order, some idea of knowing what, with the dwindling time left, was still most important.

I was outside my front door, in the dark, fumbling with my keys, looking for the right one. The inside of the house was bare, hollow, ready for the tenants. Again.

The next day I’d see my wife and children, and soon after …

It crept up on me, the realization, this way, in the quiet dark.

I’m going to Africa. God, I’m going to Africa.

Why, this remarkable opportunity. This fortune. Why for me?

Good God, I’m going to Africa.

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September 1, 2014 • Posted in
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3 thoughts on “Last night”

  1. Thanks for some excellent stories this summer, Thom!

    We look forward to more great stories from Uganda.

    Snuggles and Paws send greetings to your new kittens.

    Praying for God’s Abundant Blessings on the Froese Five!

    Bon Voyage,


  2. All God’s blessings on your journey. Please give our love and assurance of constant prayer to your family when you seen them soon!

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