Today the plane flies. So does the newsletter. (If you care.)

September 1, 2014

Friends –

Today we — My Bride, the children, Yours Truly — are back on a plane to Uganda.

(And, as they say, it’s not the destination that counts, but the journey. This is why in my family we don’t really care where exactly the plane may be flying, as long as the movies are all working fine.)

But, more to the point of this note, today is also the day when we put our most recent family newsletter. Apparently, some of you are not aware of this electronic letter that comes out several times a year, every two or three months.

It comes conveniently into your email Inbox from The Froese Family, and this has been the case for some 13 years now. I can tell you somewhere between five and five thousand people are now on its list. And you, maybe, never knew.

If you feel that you are a friend and you do want to be added to this newsletter list — it really is a rather fine newsletter — you should email me at [email protected] and simply ask to be added to our list.

Or, if you feel closer to My Bride, which I can fully appreciate, email her at [email protected] and ask her to ensure you’re put on the list.

(No information about you will be sent to the Harper Government.)

The letter — if not some panic alert about me on my deathbed from some killer disease — simply summarizes our family times, offers links to the Daily Dad and Save the Mothers efforts in Africa, and thanks you for your prayers.

It’s one more convenient way to keep up with the offbeat travels of our family, the children and Mom, through the musings of The Old Man … that is if you care.


Thomas Froese  for the Froese 5

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3 thoughts on “Today the plane flies. So does the newsletter. (If you care.)”

  1. We are members of Faith in St Thomas and are very interested in your work with Save the Mothers. We would really appreciate the newsletter… We are in prayer for your safety and your work.
    Dave and Adrienne Carr

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