Handel’s ‘Messiah’

Christmas is hope in the most common of places

The beauty of Christmas is that you don’t have to have it all together to join the choir. In fact, it’s more fitting if you’re off-key, that is, if you’re less than perfect, if you’re common. In the most common of places, after all, is where the first Christmas was experienced. By the most common of people. …

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Hope in the food court

(Christian Week – December 2014)

Today in the food court there was a piano. The pianist, wearing a red Santa hat (naturally), finished “Jingle Bells” through the dull roar of shoppers, their winter coats unzipped, hats aside, while they sat and talked and ate KFC or New York Fries or whatever they happened to have.

Then a young woman, scarf thrown loosely over her shoulder, stood and put her cellphone to her ear. Strangely enough, she sang into the phone. And her voice, somehow, melodious and majestic, carried through the entire food court. Brows raised. Heads turned.

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