Read like your life depends on it

Today let’s talk about Holden Caulfield and kids and newspapers, along with reading in general. After all, it’s Reading Week, or at least it’s Reading Week season. Ontario’s universities scatter these weeks at different times through the fall. It’s important. Because, as long as you’re not reading

The beauty and blessing of books in our lives

“Healing place for the soul,” is what the ancient Greeks wrote at the doorways to their libraries. You don’t get that sacredness when you visit, say, YouTube. Or Netflix. Or your handy smartphone. “In the beginning was the Word,” is what the ancients also declared. Not “In the beginning was the microchip.” It’s something to think about this upcoming week, our ongoing relationship, or lack

Take your shoes off. Read a book.

My children get a kick out of it, my barefooted ways. I just don’t like to wear shoes. Even when I drive. Too many years in Africa, I suppose. Now that it’s summer, all the more. It reminds me of our relationship with books. There’s a holiness there. Or there should be. But are we losing the sense of it? I think we are.

I love to work at Nothing all day

There is an art to doing Nothing. You can’t really try to do Nothing. The very act of trying means you’ll do a rotten job on it all. This is one of the reasons I love Hannah. Because of all the book characters that she could have been today, she chose Winnie the Pooh, the …

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Is parenting your highest calling?

Of all the myths of parenthood, one of the biggest has to be that children can make you happy and fulfilled. This, from Leslie Leyland Fields, author of ‘Parenting Is Your Highest Calling (and 8 other myths that trap us in worry and guilt.)’ The title should give any parent some pause and relief. As …

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Liars, criminals … friends

It’s early in the morning on the elliptical with Handel’s Concerti Grossi Op. 3 – it’s always Handel’s Concerti Grossi Op. 3 on the elliptical in the mornings – playing as loud as possible with the windows open, one more reason I am such a top contender for the Neighbour of the Year Award. I’m …

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The end is nigh – isn’t it Daddy?

So, before tonight’s bedroom reading was finished, the kids asked me a pretty easy one, you know that question about the end of the world and when is it coming and will we (they) be around to see all the fireworks. Jon said he wanted to see Jesus come back in all his flaming glory, …

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